About The Company

The Founder

Time for a 4th wall break…

Hi! My name is RJ and this is my company.  These things are supposed to be written “3rd person” but can i confess something? I absolutely hate writing this. I mean, what is a short bio, really? Rambling on and on in what basically amounts to a sales pitch of yourself to a complete stranger. Hitting point after point of accomplishments and name drops that are supposed to “build my authority” in the eyes of this mystery person.
C’mon… What’s that all about? If i told you that I started working in the entertainment industry at the age of 6, was part of a nationally syndicated kids radio station at 16 and was an award winning Director before i could drive (Shout out to Mom, aka Production Transport) would that really mean anything in regards to your current project? Probably not.
Well, it’s my bio and I say best practices be damned! In this business there are no rules, only guidelines. If you look like everyone else, you’re doing it wrong.
So rather than tell you about that time I built a super talented, tight knit team of people and together we transformed a nearly invisible local startup into the fastest growing nation brand name in the live event and concert touring industry… I’m going to talk about something important.

“Creative is the variable.”

-Gary Vaynerchuk

From an early age i have always been fascinated by how things work. I would take apart anything i was curious about just to see what made it tick, literally in some cases. This natural inclination to “reverse engineer” things has stayed with me my entire life and my career has let me peek under the hood of more than just my grandma’s stereo. (Shoutout to Grandma who donated many things to my laboratory, willing or not.) Combine this with an imagination groomed by years in the business of “what if”, a wildly out of the box mentality, a few decades of real world tempering and I have honed these talents into a highly versatile and extremely powerful tool.

This is my talent. I am the idea guy, the problem solver, the fresh look. I think around corners. In terms of your video project, think fresh ideas! Let’s dig in deep to your ideal customers and design creative that speak to them directly. More than ads or brand promo, let’s get creative with it and break through the noise. I’ve watched people spend millions of dollars on effective advertising. Don’t be part of that group.

Working with me and my company is not going to be a cookie cutter, one size fits all experience. If that’s what you are looking for, sorry. I build teams that are passionate about being different and creating something new. If that’s something you find even the least bit interesting, call us and let’s chat.

Key Points

  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Digital Media Platforms
  • Company Infrastructure & Workflow
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Live Video Production
  • Project Management
  • Live Event Production & Consulting
  • On Site Project Management