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Your business’ online marketing strategy needs video that WORKS!

online marketingThere are tons of “Marketing Gurus” and courses out there that cover online marketing and social media marketing.  If you have encountered any of them you will notice they will all tell you the same thing.

To ensure that your marketing strategy breaks through the noise, it must contain video.

Its true, without video your online presence just isnt up to par. Consumers have grown so accustomed to consuming information about a company through video that they often discount any company that doesn’t use it in favor of ones that do. We can blame the Millennials all we want, but its just the universal truth of our times.

Produce Video by starting with a Marketing Plan

Video without a full plan for its use isnt going to perform at its full potential. When people spend money, they’re thinking with both their rational and emotional brains. We plan our approach to appeal to both. The video will tell your brands story connecting with your audiences emotional side, then we make sure their rational side has a proper action to execute for follow through.

As a production company, we start with the marketing plan and shoot your videos to accomplish those goals. This is the only way to ensure your best return.

Our videos are produced to preform and we have the marketing know how to get your brand message in front of people that matter.

Let us take it from there!

Once we have everything outlined and a brand story to tell, we will take it from there. No matter how simple or complex your project, our team will work with you step by step to make sure you not only understand whats going on, but also why.

We make the video marketing process easy and effective! We want to be your production and marketing partner, not just another vendor.

Start with a free call and lets get the creative juices flowing! Ideas are free, execution is everything. Your brand’s story is waiting to be told and we would love to be the digital storytellers you use to bring it to life.

Your Video Starts Here!

Start Here!

Each project starts with a free consultation. On this call we can discuss your brand and bounce around some initial ideas.